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Tamworth Junior Football League


Following the recent spate of press releases regarding historic sexual abuse within football, Tamworth Junior League wish to reaffirm our intention to make football safe and enjoyable for all our members and volunteers. We have released the following press release to support the efforts to both investigate historical child abuse allegations but ensure none occur either now or in the future within our League.

'Tamworth Junior Football League supports any investigation into child abuse within sport as a whole. However, we have a special empathy with young people who put their trust in their coaches and mentors with the football community and many have done so safely for decades, yet others have found themselves victims of individuals who abuse their positions and inflict both physical and mental trauma upon children and young persons. It is always a shock to the public when such allegations are reported, especially when involving young players who were playing at such high profile professional clubs but this must not just be the only focus within the football community and Tamworth Junior League fully endorse any support required to victims of abuse from within any part of the Football pyramid from grassroots to Premier League. We also promote the specific FA helpline which is provided by the football authorities and staffed by independent and experienced NSPCC professionals which will give any victim of abuse personal and confidential support and guidance in reporting the abuse they suffered and advise as to how to report the matter to the authorities.

Tamworth Junior League Management Committee fully support the former players who have spoken out recently for their bravery and courage and join all involved in the running of any Football League, Club or team to encourage any person who is or was a victim of abuse to report the matter immediately. Tamworth Junior League is proud to have achieved Charter Standard status which incorporates the safeguarding of children within our League and ensures all our member coaches and volunteers go through a checking and monitoring service before they can work with the young players and promotes the ethos that football is a safe environment for young children to play our national game.

Anyone who has experienced or is experiencing abuse in football, or who has concerns about children’s welfare, should contact the police or The FA directly, or utilise this specific NSPCC helpline to gain support and advice. The helpline will be available 24 hours a day on 0800 023 2642'

The FA has released the following and we will re-enforce this and include a link to view further information:

CHECKED  --  TRAINED  --  HEAR  --  REPORT    --

Safeguarding: The 4 Steps: NSPCC

1. Checked – to ensure adults are suitable to work with youngsters

2. Trained – from coaches to referees, all are given suitable safeguarding training

3. Hear – concerns from both children and adults will be listened to

4. Report – the importance of raising concerns about a child’s welfare

Following these simple but crucial steps means that there is a framework in place to ensure that, if standards ever fall short with poor practice or unacceptable behaviour, they can be addressed.

Anyone who has a concern about the welfare of a child or the behaviour of an adult towards a child or young person under 18 years of age in football, is required to refer it to The FA Safeguarding team. The team is staffed by professionals who are experienced in dealing with these concerns.


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