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Further to the League meeting on Tuesday 6th September, which Marc attended, we saw a presentation by Conor Fulford on behalf of Marc Albrighton's Centre of Development and Tamworth Junior League would like to outline the opportunities to our member Clubs and their teams, to use the development centre as a coaching and teaching aid to their Manager's, Coaches and players.

Clubs and their teams have an opportunity to enrol with the Centre and either attend their group sessions in both outfield and goalkeeping or request that their Centre of Development coaches attend your training sessions to work with your players and assist your Manager's with their session plans and requirements.
The general advise discussed at the meeting was that the link would be a minimum of 4 sessions, costing £4 per player booked directly with the Centre of Development and this potentially could be across a variety of age groups on a training night for the teams within the club.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Unlike other 'Centre's of excellence and coaching companies', Tamworth Junior League would like to assure all our members that Marc Albrighton's Development Centre are not and have no interest in forming teams to play within our or any other leagues and are not linked to any football club, so club's can be assured that there will be no movement of players from their teams to any others. The centre is there to support the players and teams with high quality coaching and we hope this reassurance will encourage members to contact and use the development centre for their benefit.

The only link with players will be the players who have joined Marc's development centre outside of TJFL and are ready to play or seek a team within Tamworth to play within TJFL for one of our teams. Then the TJFL committee will liaise with the centre and our member clubs to place a player within one of our teams.

We hope that this link will prove beneficial to our member clubs and the players enjoy the experience.

Please click on the images below to download the contact information and flyer. 


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