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Tamworth Junior Football League


The below article provides information to Managers in relation to registering players within TJFL

1. Registrations take place weekly (except Bank Holidays, Easter & Christmas) and submissions for new players, transfers or swaps within squads must be made before 8pm on Mondays. Any submitted after this time will be delayed until the following week and players remain ineligible to play until the registration is confirmed.

2. Players registered on the Monday are INELIGIBLE to play if their next fixture is a cup game played within 7 days of the registration. Simply if they register on a Monday they cannot play the following weekend if the fixture is a cup game. This includes new players, transferred players or players swapping in and out of a squad.

3. Transfers: When a transfer form is submitted, the parent club has 7 to respond to the transfer request. If they do not respond then on the 8th day the player can be transferred on the next available registration date. If a player owes any kit or equipment then they cannot be transferred until this is returned or a financial payment is made to replsce any missing items.
TJFL cannot transfer a player within the 7 day initial period just because the parent club does not confirm within that time. Any transfer will be concluded at the first available opportunity following the acceptance by the parent club or the 7 days wait time has elapsed.

4. Registered players are NOT permitted to train with another club whilst registered to another unless the parent club is notified and given 7 days notice that the player wishes to train with another club. Our advise is that if ANY player attends a traning session their details are checked with TJFL to confirm they are free to train. Failure to conform to this rule can lead to charges being raised for illegal approach.

5. Players are ineligible to play in any semi-final or final or play-off unless they have played 4 games for their current team and a previous round of the relevant competion.
Players can only play for ONE team within any cup competition

6. ALL players’ registration documents, including the printed copy of the current official team roster MUST BE taken to all matches within this League.  It is the responsibility of each Team Manager or Official to examinenthe opposing teams documents prior to the commencement of the match.  The registration documents MUST BE produced upon request to the opposing Team Manager, or Official, the appointed match Referee, or any member of the League Management Committee.  Failure to do so will result in the Club being fined £50.00. 

6. ALL registrations conclude on 1st March and this includes the swapping of players in and out of a squad.

7. Teams continuing to play with more than the permitted match day squads (i.e. U8s & U10s, U15s,U16s, Youth) who are able to choose their 8 from 10 etc must be aware that at Cup finals, the additional players are not permitted in the match day squad, nor on the pitch or dug-outs. They are permitted to attend the presentations after the matches in their kits but please ensure you notify leaguesecretary@tjfl.co.uk that they have played within the competition, so additional player trophies are ordered. These trophies are supplied by the League at no additional cost to the club or team if they have played in earlier rounds.


Subject to Rule 8(M)(ii), any Club found to have played an ineligible Player in a match or matches where points are awarded shall have the points gained from that match deducted from its record, up to a maximum of 12 points, and have levied upon it a fine (in accordance with the Fines Tariff).

Where a Club is found to have played an ineligible player in accordance with Rule 8(M)(i) above, the Management Committee may also, at its discretion:

(a)   Award the points available in the Competition Match in question to the opponents, subject to the Competition Match not being ordered to be replayed;

(b)  Levy penalty points against the Club in default; or

(c)   Order that such match or matches be replayed (on such terms as are decided by  the Management Committee).

For ALL Cup Competitions a player must have been registered for 7 clear days, providing he/she has not played for another team in that Competition.  A transferred player having played in a round of a particular Cup Competition with his/her previous team may not take part in that same Competition for his/her new team.  Teams found guilty of this offence MAY be excluded from the Competition and be liable to a £50 fine. The Management Committee may at its discretion order a match to be replayed under any conditions they deem acceptable.

It is the Team Manager's responsibility to ensure that a player who has been transferred has not played in a previous round of a Cup Competition for his/her previous Team.  Any team found guilty of this offence will be dealt with by the Management Committee.

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